Hackers brutally attacked my public_html folder thru a weak plug in and started to create mirrored files. the malware started to create directories to Chinese web pages.
So I had to get a new IP address and scrap the old website and start from scratch.
In doing so, It has made me re evaluate what this site is for.

If you came here because you have an old business card or old photograph, then chances are you know I am Scott Edwards, a Photographer in Tampa Bay.
I will be moving my primary photography to

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me directly.

A homepage section


I am addicted to photography, I love fitness. I love design. I paint as often as I can. I play guitar.

I live in St Petersburg. I study often. I live in Paradise.

The most important thing is improving yourself so you have more to offer others, and learning how to make someone feel love after you are gone.


I am not here to sell you anything.